Citrus trees aren't the only things growing in Georgia!

We are excited to share the progress we have been making at the greenhouse.  

Pretty early in 2023 we quickly realized the love and passion our customers had for growing citrus was even greater than we expected.  As a result we quite literally ran out of greenhouse space to grow the rootstock which then delayed some new varieties we wanted to make available on our website. 

So we did what any other crazy citrus collector or plant lady would do... we found more greenhouses, tore them down, moved the parts and got ready to build!  After breaking ground, moving massive piles of earth, posts were able to be set and the bows went up this past week!  There is still a lot of work left but once they start taking shape, the excitement of what's to come starts building quicker.

Our biggest goals with the new added greenhouse space is the following:

  • Have a larger area dedicated to growing rootstock.
  • More space dedicated to growing out batches to keep more varieties consistently available on our website.
  • Have space to grow out and offer more varieties in 3 gallon size.
  • Work towards having an actual onsite retail space in the future.
  • And of course much more space for Bella to chase and hide tennis balls.

A huge thank you to each and every one of our customers and those that help spread the word of the trees we offer.  You are the ones that make the excitement of this growth possible.