*Shipping Note - Orders typically ship out on Tuesdays | Continental US only and we cannot ship to AZ, CA, FL, LA, TX


Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions that we get from potential customers.  If you have additional questions not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask.

  • Are your trees grafted?
    Yes all of our citrus trees are grafted unless unless otherwise noted.

  • What kind of pots do your trees ship in?
    Our trees grow and then ship in 4" x 4" x 13.5" Tall Tree Pots.  We choose to grow and ship in these larger containers because we believe it allows us to provide our customers with a healthier tree.  While its true that we could use smaller 2" x 2" x 8" pots and increase productivity per sq ft and possible slightly less shipping fees but we believe the health and quality of the tree delivered to our customer matters more.

  • What should I do when my trees arrive?
    Unbox your trees as soon as they arrive.  We use 2 types of soil, a fast drying soil and a slow drying soil, both of which are high quality soils that should not be removed from the trees roots.  If you are going to repot your tree, use a pot that is at least 14" deep.  Carefully remove the pot from the tree, without disturbing the soil add your preferred potting mix around the existing tree and soil.  Fill pot almost to the top but do not plant the tree any deeper than it was originally.