Citrus Potting Mix Test - 6 Month potting mix experiment with multiple mixes

We are currently doing a 6 month potting mix experiment using newly grafted Harvey Lemon trees.  We will be showing additional videos, photos and results here so be sure to follow the progress.  This page will be updated as the experiment continues.

Update: if you want to see or skip to the results you can see them here


This is a Part 1 of a 6 month long grow test using newly grafted Harvey Lemon trees on 942 Rootstock. We look forward to bringing you more videos as this process moves along.

The Experiment:
Mix 1 - Straight 511 Mix (Pine Bark Base, Peat Moss, Chunky Perlite, & Lime)
Mix 2 - 511 Mix with added 13-6-6 Fertilizer
Mix 3 - 511 Mix with added 13-6-6 Fertilizer and 911 Minor Elements
Mix 4 - Miracle Grow Cactus & Citrus Mix
Mix 5 - Miracle Grow Moisture Control
Mix 6 - StaGreen Potting Mix (cheapest option at Lowes)
Mix 7 - Madison Custom Citrus Potting Mix (our in house mix as a baseline)


We have potted up 5 Harvey Lemon trees in each mix, we will water similarly and apply liquid 20-10-20 fertilizer to each as we do with all of the citrus we grow in the greenhouse. We hope to post updates as we go but will post at a 6 month point so we are able to see how the trees do in each of the mix options outlined above.


Our goal is to provide you the information you need as well as any products that may be beneficial to helping; not only keep your citrus trees alive, but help make them thrive.