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Specialized Citrus Tree Fertilizer 8-2-8

Specialized Citrus Tree Fertilizer 8-2-8

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This 8-2-8 fertilizer is designed to be used to maintain / support your citrus trees once they are of a mature size.  This is a lower nitrogen fertilizer and is not optimal for younger trees.  Our 13-6-6 Citrus Fertilizer is a better option for younger trees you are trying to put size on.

This is Semi slow Release so it doesn't burn the roots and is safe for container trees. When you add it to the pot it begins feeding almost immediately and in 4 weeks when we add more it starts all over again.

This is by far the best citrus fertilizer we have found to grow happy healthy citrus trees the fastest so we have decided to offer it to our customers to help them grow the best trees they can.

Sprinkle the appropriate amount of fertilizer around the pot, taking care not to just dump it around the trunk of the tree.  Then water it in to activate the fertilizer. Reapply fertilizer every 4-5 weeks.

Application Rate For Containers:
1 Gallon Pot -- 1 Teaspoon
2 Gallon Pot -- 2 Teaspoons
3 Gallon Pot -- 1 Tablespoon
5 Gallon Pot -- 1 Ounce
15 Gallon Pot - 4 Ounces
20 Gallon Pot - 6 Ounces

Fertilizer will come split packaged into 2lb and 5lb plastic bags from bulk.  This is not an organic fertilizer option.

We express no guarantee and we are not liable for any damage caused, please use only as directed.


* New photo coming soon, current photo shows the 13-6-6


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