Sinton Citrangequat Tree
Sinton Citrangequat Tree
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Sinton Citrangequat Tree

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20" - 28" tall Sinton Citrangequat Tree For Sale

Sinton citrangequat is another early hybrid developed by Walter Swingle as part of a project to develop cold-hardy citrus through the United States Department of Agriculture. Sinton was developed at the same time as Thomasville citrangequats; various hybrids were developed and sent to locations for testing for adaptability and cold-hardiness. The custom at that time was to name the hybrid for the location where it first fruited. Thomasville citrangequat first fruited in Thomasville, GA, and Sinton first fruited in Sinton, TX. (There was a third citrangequat developed and named Telfair, but it seems to have disappeared altogether.)

Sinton citrangequat is distinguishable from Thomasville by its unifoliate habit Thomasville frequently has trifoliate leaves, especially when young, whereas Sinton citrangequat has unifoliate leaves even as a seedling. Growth habits of both citrangequats are similar, though Sinton is more kumquat-like and has a denser growth habit, potentially making it a better choice as an ornamental. The fruit are smaller than Thomasville, very similar to kumquat, but at maturity are a bright orange, almost red, making the fruit highly ornamental. Although the fruit have limited usefulness, the trees make outstanding ornamentals and should be more widely planted in place of more common evergreens such as hollies and wax myrtles.

  • Mature Tree Height: 15 feet
  • Ripens: Fall/Winter
  • Hardiness: 10F *
  • Taste: Very sour kumquat taste.

Our trees are grafted with mature buds so our trees will fruit quicker.

* Hardiness temperatures are approximate, and indicate where fully dormant, mature trees may experience significant damage.

Please keep in mind that we are unable to ship any citrus to AZ, CA, HI, FL, LA, TX.  These restrictions are due to USDA Agricultural laws. We do ship growing supplies such as potting mix, fertilizer and non citrus material items to AZ, FL, LA, and TX.

  • We ship via UPS Ground
  • We are currently only shipping on Mondays until Spring
  • If your order is placed after 9am on Monday it will likely ship the next week.
  • Trees may need to be topped or pruned to fit in the box.
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These are a few questions we are often asked and their answers:

  • Why dont you ship to FL or CA?
    We aren't able to due to USDA restrictions, we wish we could but we can't.
  • When will my tree fruit?
    We graft with certified mature buds so our trees are capable of flowering and producing fruit in the first season, but will definitely flower and produce fruit in the second season. We recommend removing fruit for the first couple years to allow the tree to focus on branching and growing roots.
  • What does this variety taste like?
    In most cases the original Budwood program we purchased Certified buds from does not offer much in the way of descriptions or taste information. We then grow those buds out and continuously harvest new buds and then sell young trees so we simply don't always end up with fruit to try so unless its listed, we don't know what they taste like.
  • Do you have anymore of these available?
    We try hard to add inventory when it grows large enough, if a product shows as 0 available please click the notify button to be emailed as soon as we add inventory to the site.
  • What rootstock is this grafted onto?
    We use a handful of rootstock varieties for different reasons when we are grafted. If the variety says "Dwarf" then that variety is grafted to Flying Dragon. If it is not listed as Dwarf then we either used a standard rootstock or semi dwarfing rootstock. When fully mature the difference between Dwarf and Standard is only about 80% difference, it just takes dwarf longer to grow that large. You can maintain tree size through pot size and effective pruning.