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Keraji Sweet Lemon Tree

Keraji Sweet Lemon Tree

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20" - 28" tall Keraji Mandarin Sweet Lemon Tree

Keraji has a compact growing nature making it easier to keep it contained to its designated area. The fruits on this tree are small, similar to a satsuma in size but super easy to peel apart due to its puffy skin. The flesh is easy to segment to eat but they are a bit seedy and in peak season the fruit tastes like eating lemonade. While this tree is seedy, this cultivar more than makes up for it with being super productive. They’re very robust, easy to grow trees and are cold tolerant. The tree can hang on to the fruit for a long time but they will lose flavor over time. The fruit makes for excellent fresh eating, it can also be juiced instead as a sugarless lemonade, you can turn it into marmalade or add it to a salad dressing as an interesting vinaigrette or can even make a beautiful sorbet.

It’s known to be cold hardy down to zone 8, though may need a little protection while still young. Can handle down to 14F in ground. It has a deep yellow or orange moderately rough rind, flesh is a light yellow. Ripening time is between November and January, bloom time is late winter into early spring. Tastes like lemonade when perfectly ripe but will get sweeter and less acidic when left to ripen on the tree longer.

  • Mature Tree Height: 12-15ft
  • Ripens: Fall
  • Cold Hardiness: 14F*

Our trees are grafted with mature buds so our trees will fruit quicker.

* Hardiness temperatures are approximate, and indicate where fully dormant, mature trees may experience significant damage.


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