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Ichang Lemon Tree

Ichang Lemon Tree

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Ichang Lemon Tree For Sale

These will only available in 1 gallon size.

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Ichang lemon is a spontaneous natural hybrid originating in China involving an unknown type of pomelo and a species citrus called Ichang papeda (Citrus ichangensis). Recent research indicated that C. ichangensis may not be the direct parent, but that Ichang lemon may be a Yuzu x pomelo cross. In any case, Ichang lemon is a robust tree with large, dark green, grapefruit-like leaves on a tall tree. After producing large, fragrant blossoms in spring, Ichang lemon usually has a bumper crop of yellow, lemon-like fruit range in size from a Navel orange to a grapefruit. Like grapefruit, the fruit frequently hang in clusters, making Ichang lemon visually striking when the fruit are ripe in the fall. Ichang lemon are among the first citrus to show color in the fall, and it’s not uncommon to see yellow fruit as early as late September. The fruit are very juicy, producing up to a half-cup of juice per fruit. They are also very seedy, and most fruit will contain 30 or more seeds. The fruit have a clean, sour taste, and can be used in any way a lemon can. Like most citrus that have C. ichangensis in their genetic background, Ichang lemon fruits tend to drop after becoming fully ripe (usually in December or early January), which shortens the harvest season.

  • Mature Tree Height: 15 feet or more
  • Ripens: Fall
  • Hardiness: 10F*
  • Taste: Sour lemon

Our trees are grafted with mature buds so our trees will fruit quicker.

* Hardiness temperatures are approximate, and indicate where fully dormant, mature trees may experience significant damage.


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