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Changsha Mandarin Tree

Changsha Mandarin Tree

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20" - 28" tall Changsha Mandarin Tree For Sale

Changsha mandarin is a very old Chinese cultivar that has a reputation for excellent cold-hardiness. It has been documented to tolerate temperatures to 10F or slightly below without permanent injury. Changsha also matures fruit early in the season and fruit is usually harvested well before hard freezes usually arrive. Like its sister mandarin Satsuma, Changsha has a relatively short harvest season, and fruit should be picked promptly. Fruit left too long on the tree will become puffy, dry, and insipid. Trees look like typical mandarins, with an upright habit to 10-15 feet and a twiggy habit. Fruit are borne on the end of the twigs. Leaves are narrow and willow-like as in most mandarins. Although trees may have some thorns on the main trunk and scaffolding branches, fruiting branches are largely thornless.

  • Mature Tree Height: 15-20 feet
  • Ripens: October-November
  • Hardiness: 10F*

Our trees are grafted with mature buds so our trees will fruit quicker.

* Hardiness temperatures are approximate, and indicate where fully dormant, mature trees may experience significant damage.


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