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Bloomsweet Grapefruit Tree

Bloomsweet Grapefruit Tree

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20 - 28" tall Bloomsweet Grapefruit Tree

Bloomsweet is called a grapefruit and usually classed in that group based on its general appearance.  The fruit is large, round or bell-shaped, and yellow, giving it the overall appearance of a grapefruit.  However, recent genetic evidence showed that Bloomsweet is a cross between a pomelo and Kunenbo mandarin (also one of the parents of Satsuma).  Whether Bloomsweet was a chance hybrid or a deliberate cross is unknown, but the variety has been grown in Japan for centuries, where many such hybrids arose.  Some time in the last century, it was imported to Texas by Japanese farmers (probably as the cultivar Kinkoji) and grown for many years by a Mr. Bloom in Houston, who dubbed the cultivar ‘Bloomsweet’ and shared plant material locally. The tree is large and upright, resembling a sour orange more than a grapefruit, with large leaves that have small petiole wings.  The fruit are as large as a grapefruit, with a bright yellow peel and pale yellow to light orange interior.  The peel is thick but the fruit peels easily.  The flesh is moderately juicy, resembling a pomelo in texture.  The taste is sweet, with a mild grapefruit flavor; most people find it very tasty.

  • Mature Tree Height: 25 feet
  • Ripens: Late Fall
  • Hardiness:  15F
  • Tastes Like: Mild grapefruit

Our trees are grafted with mature, certified buds.


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