Learn How To Prune Citrus Trees Like A Pro - Dont Be Afraid

How To Prune Your Citrus Trees - 

There have found that most new citrus tree owners either don't realize the should prune their citrus trees or they are afraid to do it wrong.  We created the following 2 videos to help explain the reason why you should prune your citrus trees and to hopefully take the fear out of it.

The first video uses our 1 gallon citrus trees as an example and what you may want to do when you first get your tree in the mail.  The second video is geared towards pruning a 3 gallon or larger citrus tree.  Both videos mention something called a "Terminal Bud Growth Ring" which people have asked us to show some additional photos of which we have added here in this blog.  Sometimes the terminal bud growth ring is a little harder to find but it is where your tree stopped growing the past season an then started growing again this season. (There can sometimes be multiple in one growing season)  You can typically find them because the bark color changes and you can see some dots that go around the tree in a ring shape.  

Here are a couple photos showing the Citrus Tree Terminal Bud Growth Rings:

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Here is the video of the 1 Gallon Citrus Tree Pruning: 


Here is the video of Pruning 3 Gallon or Larger Citrus trees that already have more established branching and have possibly started to get a little unwieldy: